The platform of industrial IoT

MicroSERVER is the IIoT and M2M platform developed by Sirea for the operation and management of industrial connected objects. The platform is accessible locally or remotely (SaaS), dedicated or shared to meet the needs and architecture of the most demanding IIoTs.

The IIoT MicroSERVER platform is a Full-Web solution that integrates numerous graphic functionalities, configurable and extensible features for ease of use and quality rendering.

MicroSERVER Graphics generator

Graphics generator

MicroSERVER allows you to generate different types of graphs, whether curves or charts, in order to visualise and compare different data over time or in relation to others.

MicroSERVER Alarms and events management

Alarms and events management

Each detected event is logged in MicroSERVER and alarms can be issued and sent by e-mail or SMS according to the different alarm levels configured, with the possibility of acknowledgements.

MicroSERVER Synoptic editor

Synoptic editor

MicroSERVER has its own mimic diagram editor making it easy to create customised dashboards for each of your equipments or variables.

User management

Possibility to combine user accounts and administrable user profiles. With MicroSERVER, you can mention several levels of rights that can be parameterised and secured with a login and a password.

Use of the data

Presented in the form of a dashboard, it is possible to view real-time or delayed data.

It is possible to have a history of the data allowing the automatic generation of summary tables. The data can be used in several forms:

  • Dynamic mimics for a more esthetic appearance
  • Curves and bargraphs from any data, coming from multiple equipment: connected PLCs, sensors, objects communicating in Modbus, SNMP, Sigfox, LoRa.

Data export

Easily export your data in CSV format with the IIoT MicroSERVER platform for faster and easier paper printing. It is possible to automate this export periodically (weekly, monthly or quarterly).

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