The on-farm micro methanization

The aim of this project was to experiment with the subject of on-farm micro methanization. Leaned on to already existing farms the micro methanization allows to create value from effluents.

It’s planned to blend the effluents, in very low amounts, only with fermentable organic waste originating from agricultural cooperatives and intermediate crops.

For one adherent of the project, in Barcelone-sur-Gers (South of France), one controlled methanization station was installed to work with duck manure. A second installation, working with bovine effluents, is located on the experimental farm of Purpan, in Seysses (South of France).

The ultimate goal for this project is to supply a micro methanization installation model to the farmers as well as the appropriate, standardized tool. This ready to use tool integrates the constraints inherent in the farming sector and the industrialisation constraints of the micro methanization.

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