The “Société Hydraulique d’Études et de Missions d’Assistance”, better known in France under the name “Shema”, has just received the latest version of its web-based remote management platform developed by our automation and industrial IT design office.

Sirea digitizes Shema's hydroelectric plants
Sirea digitizes Shema’s hydroelectric plants

Since 2019, we have been working on the digitalisation of the hydroelectric power plant fleet managed by Shema.

This major transformation has focused on two priority areas for the EDF subsidiary. The first is to unify the remote management system of the plants, by facilitating data feedback, despite the different PLC technologies present in each plant.

The second was to deploy a web platform to help operators transmit semi-automated “field” data to provide Shema with a clear, standardised weekly operating report for all plants.

Our automation and IT departments have worked together to provide Shema with an advanced reporting system that standardises the monitoring of all plants to facilitate the overall operational overview. Manager and operators can work easily thanks to this solution and avoid entering information manually in different formats!

David Grand, Sirea Communication Officer

Indeed, Shema administers a fleet of more than 60 hydroelectric power plants spread throughout France, and supports the operators of these plants in the production of electricity and the maintenance of the site.

The EDF subsidiary therefore called on our team to develop and deploy this remote management system. It provides a map of the territory with an overview of the performance of the park, and allows data to be historically recorded in a single format for all the plants, such as the operating status of each group (turbine), the number of start-up cycles or the temperatures of the alternators.

This evolution allows us to have a better overall view of the fleet, but also to not miss any information that is crucial to the smooth running of operations on site, and thus to better support the operators for a better performance of our fleet.

Fabrice Charpentier, in charge of the project at Shema

Since the last version was deployed, the application we developed, which is based on our MicroSERVER supervision tool, offers Shema better long-term visibility by adding a production forecasting system to the web platform.

In addition, the remote management system and the web platform are now synchronised in order to cross-reference the forecasts with the data collected on site to highlight any discrepancies and neutralise the slightest anomaly as soon as possible.