Autonomous systems
The autonomous and compact system to produce disinfectant

Only based on salt and water, produce your own disinfectant

A disinfectant solution effective against Covid-19

Production of

8 L

of disinfectant solution

with only

200 g

of salt

in only


depending on the available energy

for a content of

0,5 %

of guaranteed chlorine, either 5g/L

Functionalities designed for your needs

Easy to use

making it easy for any user to get started

Concentration calibration

to adapt to the use context

Remote control

of production (optional)

Système autonome AURA par Solea

Delivered ready-to-use

for immediate use of the system

Control screen

to view production data in real time

Centralized supervision

to control a fleet of installations (optional)

The assurance of an autonomous, reliable and high-performance system product

Up to

32 L / day

on conventional network

Life expectancy of more than

10 years

An idea …

How can a reliable, economical and long-lasting universal disinfection solution be made available for everyone and everywhere?

A solution …

A system for the autonomous on-site production of 0.5% sodium hypochlorite by electrolysis of a simple solution of water and salt.


  • Biodegradable solution
  • Non-corrosive (without caustic soda)
  • Reducing the carbon print
  • No transport
  • No plastic waste
  • Fewer chemicals


  • Compact and lightweight
  • No complex handling
  • Easy and pleasant to use
  • Permanent availability
  • Automated and controlled production process


  • Bactericide
  • Virucide
  • Fungicide
  • Sporicide

For everyone

Public toilets, playgrounds, street furniture, offices, sports halls, schools, kitchens, nursing homes, industrial buildings, doctors’ surgeries, veterinary clinics, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, …

Some possible uses of the disinfectant solution

Examples of useRecommended concentration
Food disinfection2 g / litre
Floor cleaning2 g / litre
Disinfection of kitchen utensils2 g / litre
Disinfection of sanitary facilities2 g / litre
Disinfection of household equipment2 g / litre
Disinfection of street furniture2 g / litre
Disinfection of playgrounds2 g / litre
Disinfection of sports facilities2 g / litre
Treatment of conveyed water2 mg / litre
Well disinfection2 mg / litre
Cistern disinfection2 mg / litre
Pipe disinfection2 mg / litre

Frequently asked questions about the AURA autonomous system

⚡ How is the AURA system supplied with electricity?

The AURA system is designed to be powered either by a conventional power supply (for grid or generator) or by a solar system, without modifying the control box or adding hardware.

☀️ Does the AURA system work in isolated locations or in locations with poor power supply?

Yes, the AURA system can be supplied with a photovoltaic panel that allows production to take place as long as there is sufficient sunlight.

📚 What qualification is required to use the AURA system?

None. Due to its ease of use, the AURA system does not require any particular qualification to operate.

💨 Does the AURA system have to be installed in a specific location?

Yes, the AURA system can be installed in any type of room provided that it is sufficiently ventilated to effectively dissipate the hydrogen emanations.

🛢️ Once produced, can the disinfectant solution be stored?

Yes, it is possible to store the chlorine solution in opaque containers and away from light for a period of one week at room temperature, or 8 to 10 weeks in a domestic refrigerator.

🌡️ What to do in the event of high temperatures at the production site?

Nothing should be done. The electrolyser of the AURA system does not require any maintenance in terms of weather conditions. It is designed to stop automatically when temperatures exceed 40 degrees and resume its production cycle as soon as the temperature drops.

⚠️ How long does the AURA system’s electrolyser live?

The electrolyser of the AURA system has a long service life equivalent to 20,000 hours of operation.

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