The ITC (Institute of Technology of Cambodia) and Sirea have recently signed a partnership to enable the university to use our products.

Sirea products for students

This collaboration gives students the opportunity to pilot and work with French-made equipment. Sirea’s equipment will provide ITC’s future technicians and engineers with support for practical training in automation and electronics, helping to consolidate the theoretical courses taught there.

Automation students in ITC with Sirea PLC
Automation students in ITC with Sirea PLC

Sirea’s products will enable students to work on:

  • MicroARM programmable microcontrollers
  • The MicroSERVER monitoring software
  • The MicroLADDER programming software
  • The MicroLADDER Community platform

A positive partnership

Following initial feedback from the Institute, Sarot Srang, a professor at the ITC, explains the collaboration and Rotanak Chhean, an electronics student, talks about his projects and how Sirea’s products contribute to his studies.