Strong attendance at the industry showroom in Castres

“Industry Week” in France aims to raise awareness among the general public, (particularly among young people) of the trades and the training available within the industrial sector. During the week-long event, Sirea took part in the showroom held in Castres on Wednesday 22nd March!

HydroSMART : A new way to provide against legionella

Conscious of issues and difficulties encountered in the health field, Sirea launch his new offer dedicated legionella's prevention, now finacially affordable to all establishments ! A short brief on légionellosis Legionellosis is a deadly disease induced by inhalation...

For the fourth time, Sirea reached the podium on Ronde Givrée

2014, 2015, 2016, and now 2017 ! Once again this year, Sirea reaches the podium on the famous Ronde Givrée run, a huge sport meeting in Castres' country-side! Similar to last year, our company succeed to launch 2 teams to run a 58km relay race organized by Les...

SuiviPV web app just get a new udpate

SuiviPV, our web application for tracking datas from photovoltaic installations just received a new and fresh style ! Since wednesday, November 16th, SuiviPV app has been rethinked fully on user interface to improve and optimize user experience. Now, SuiviPV is...

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