Return on Théo’s experience, who, from Rouen to Phnom Penh, passing by Castres, became an engineer in electricity and sustainable development at Sirea.

Théo Rioux, 23 years old and graduate engineer from ESIGELEC in Rouen, is currently in Phnom Penh as part of the partnership signed between the Cambodia Institute of Technology and Sirea. Its mission within the university is to deploy an assembly workshop of electrical cabinets for the realization of practical work in real conditions for the students of the university.

Last month, Theo came back to this mission in an interview in Phnom Penh:

This room equipped with powerful equipment provided by Sirea will allow, through the presence and support of Theo, the implementation of practical work on our PLCs MicroARM range.

These practical exercises will also allow students to program the automatons through the following software infrastructures:

At ITC, the other missions of Theo are linked to this new practical workshop: he provides support during training sessions in which various technical aspects related to automation and industrial electricity are discussed. A fruitful collaboration that should continue in 2019.