Energy cabinets
AEH system
Self-consumption optimized for industry or offgrid sites

Energy efficiency by photovoltaic self-consumption

Delivers up to

100 kW


Yield superior

97,7 %

Personalized study for your self-consumption project


We study and analyse your needs to evaluate the improvement potential of your energy efficiency. By doing so we can propose the best suited solution to you.


We perform the commissioning of the cabinet, which comes pre-configured with the features you want to profit from and in line with the electrical configuration of your installation.


Our online monitoring site, provided with the cabinet, allows you to follow your self-consumption data in real time. In the case of a malfunction you are going to be alerted by mail or SMS.

AEH 60
AEH 60

A made-in-France product, compliant with European standards

System developed in


in Castres (South of France)

Prescriptive referential

VDE 126-1-1

Technical characteristics of the AEH range

AEH 10AEH 20AEH 40AEH 60AEH 80AEH 100
VisualAEH 10AEH 10AEH 40AEH 60AEH 60AEH 60
Dimensions (cm)210 x 60 x 80210 x 60 x 80210 x 120 x 80210 x 180 x 80210 x 180 x 80210 x 180 x 80
Weight (without battery)350 kg350 kg450 kg550 kg590 kg640 kg
Rated power10 kW20 kW40 kW60 kW80 kW100 kW
Max. PV power input2 x 7,5 kWp2 x 15 kWp4 x 15 kWp6 x 15 kWp8 x 15 kWp10 x 15 kWp
Max. PV AC current per input13 A25 A25 A25 A25 A25 A
Max. PV voltage (VDC)100010001000100010001000
MPPT range (VDC)220-850450-850450-850450-850450-850450-850
AC voltage output3 x 400 VAC + N400 VAC tetra400 VAC tetra400 VAC tetra400 VAC tetra400 VAC tetra
Max. solar yield97,7 %97,7 %97,7 %97,7 %97,7 %97,7 %
Max. battery yield97,8 %97,8 %97,8 %97,8 %97,8 %97,8 %

Quality parts for a reliable industrial product

Protection rating



-10 to 40 °C



non condensing

Monitoring with MicroSERVER

Monitor your consumption in real time

With MicroSERVER you own an online space, which you can access by smartphone, pc or tablet, where you can look up your production and consumption as well as your charge status if you opted for energy storage.

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