Electronic products

After the industrial engineering, the second activity sector of Sirea is the development of electric products for the industrial automatism. These electronic products are apportioned in 5 poles :



Microcontrollers and PLCs

We conceive our electronic products in term of microcontrollers. This allows to adapt our solutions at each need to our customers. Sirea offers a wide range of PLCs, in different formats :

Our PLCs
Automate programmable


In order to meet the expectations to our customers, Sirea offer a large range of electronic products for the measurement : we propose transducers for AC and CD, with analog or digital outputs. All our products are conceived for the single-phase, three-phase, or tetraphase measurement.

Our measurement products


Our communication branch aims to create supervisor and remote control modules, on Internet. Electronic products of Sirea are real innovations in this domain, that permit an irreproachable service quality and better work conditions.

Thanks to PicoFOX, you can directly connect your equipments on the IP network, or on RS232/485 serial link. This telegestion module is compatible with all PLCs and Sirea products range.

Our communication products


Associated to communication modules, electronic products concerning the supervision allow to exploit different type of data, through web browser.

Two modules have been conceived for the supervision : MicroFOX (data base) and MicroPANEL (control and monitoring equipment or automated systems).

Our supervision products

Softwares of progrmmation, and remote control

Sirea offers a large range of programming and remote control software, conceived for our installations. These softwares allow to obtain an important added values for automation products, confirming the control of Sirea, all long of the process.


Our softwares :

  • MicroLADDER
  • MicroCONTROL
  • Logiciel de contrôle et de surveillance SCADA
  • MicroSERVER
  • MicroVIEW
See our softwares
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