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Control the charging of electric vehicles

SmartEMS Sirea

The controller for electric vehicle charging

The SmartEMS EVCI charge controller controls complex charging processes of electric vehicles simultaneously. It solves the problem of multiple charging points for car parks, apartment blocks, hotels, restaurants and leisure facilities.

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Why deploy the SmartEMS EVCI?


Controlling loads dynamically

to avoid any additional power increase


Guaranteeing a secure supply

by controlling loads in line with overall consumption


Prioritise renewable energies

to reduce the share of energy drawn from the grid and reduce energy bills

3 examples of charging uses by our customers


Standard charging

Charging is partly covered by the electricity grid. The share of solar energy varies according to the available PV energy.

Fast charging

Charging prioritises all available solar energy and complements the electrical grid to provide maximum power.


Solar charging

Charging uses only available solar energy and does not draw any energy from the power grid.

What does SmartEMS bring to electric vehicle charging infrastructures?


Automated management

by managing your installation autonomously 24 hours a day on the basis of the chosen configuration


Overall energy efficiency

by optimising energy flows so that the site’s electricity distribution is as evenly distributed as possible


Energy resilience

by reducing your dependence on the electricity grid and rising electricity prices


Supporting European industry

by choosing technologies designed and manufactured in Europe, within our regions

SmartEMS EVCI configurations

SmartEMS EVCI + SmartPowerBlock
SmartEMS EVCI + controlled self-consumption cabinet + charging stations + SmartPowerBlock batteries

✅ Distributed power management between terminals

✅ Power limitation according to the available grid power

✅ Renewable energy production and prioritisation of green energy

✅ Supply of power above grid power via battery pack

✅ Consideration of time and tariff ranges

✅ Customisation according to user profile

✅ Dynamic allocation of charging power per terminal

Benefits of the SmartEMS EVCI


Modular control

In addition to the charging stations, the solution allows additional equipment to be controlled.


Reliable technology

For more than 5 years, this system has already proved its worth on many industrial sites.


European manufacturing

Sirea’s control solutions are designed and manufactured in Occitania, South of France.

How does SmartEMS enable EVCI control?

Synoptique SmartEMS IRVE
Ombrière photovoltaïque avec bornes de recharge de véhicules électriques à Lomme

1. Optimal charging control

The SmartEMS EVCI regulation is based on the implementation of control algorithms programmed according to the IEC 61131 standard. Numerous additional functionalities accessible by programming as well as optional modules such as measurement sensors and remote input/output extensions allow the SmartEMS EVCI functionalities to be greatly extended.

Operators and managers can thus easily adapt the operation of SmartEMS EVCI to the requirements of each installation. This includes the collection of additional consumption points and the control and regulation of third-party consumer equipment.

Écran tactile MicroSERVER de la CTA Sustain'air

2. Facility monitoring

SmartEMS EVCI compatible meters collect and monitor centrally the relevant data of an installation. This makes it possible to collect and record all the electrical characteristics of a renewable energy installation as well as all the information related to the consumption of a site.

Associated with SmartEMS EVCI, MicroSERVER centralises the data and allows the edition of logs and their visualisation in the form of animated synoptics or historical curves. Measurements, events, alerts and alarms are recorded in dynamic tables that can be consulted from any Internet browser.

Ombrière photovoltaïque de Gémo Trignac

3. Controlled self-consumption

In self-consumption photovoltaic installations, the SmartEMS ensures the priority use of the energy delivered by the photovoltaic plant in order to limit the energy drawn from the grid. The control of the photovoltaic energy is performed simultaneously with the coordinated control of the charging stations.

The ability of SmartEMS to connect through communication buses to the power-modulated charging stations increases the possibility to fine-tune and exploit the available surplus.

Optimising the penetration rate of renewable energy reduces the amount of electricity drawn from the grid, thereby reducing electricity bills.

Adrian Marcato local batterie Sirea

4. SmartPowerBlock storage island

SmartPowerBlock storage islands are used on installations where the instantaneous power requirements distributed by the terminals are greater than the power capacity deliverable by the grid. SmartPowerBlock islands limit the need for a higher power subscription, facilitate the rapid implementation of permanent or temporary charging stations, eliminate the need to modify the site’s electrical infrastructure, allow rapid charging or the deployment of more stations on constrained installations.

Sirea recharge ses VE à l'énergie solaire

5. RFID reading point

RFID reading point The RFID badge reading terminal is used to identify the users configured in the system and to apply the parameters defined by the administrator to the selected terminal. The maximum load power, the operating time slots, the order of priority are directly assignable by the administrator.

SmartEMS EVCI extensions

VisualRef. SireaExtension
Terminal with RFID reader
Transducteur Sirea triphasé9TR02-00100Single-phase, three-phase and four-phase RS485 electrical measurement transducers
Centrale de mesures électriques RS4859TR02-00200RS485 electrical measurement unit
MicroARM-A69EL01-027018 inputs 8 logic and analogue outputs RS485 block
Transmetteur Sinafis9CA00-01900RS485 temperature and humidity sensor
Station météo Tycon9CA00-00900Weather station with solar irradiation and temperature RS485 photovoltaic module
MicroFOX9IN02-00300Local monitoring and data storage station IP, Wifi, RS485
Application MyHome&Me v0.12 Tableau de bord2EN05-00202Remote cloud server for multi-site monitoring

An award-winning solution

Label Solar Impulse


Labelled by the Solar Impulse Foundation as one of the 1000 solutions to save the climate.

Logo Ministère de la Transition écologique

Greentech Innovation


Recognised by the Ministry of Energy Transition of France as a Greentech Innovation solution.

CCI Trophy


Awarded by the CCI du Tarn (France) as an “Innovative Company” thanks to this solution.

Behind the technology,
a service dedicated to energy efficiency

🤝 Support

Our technical team is at your disposal to answer all your questions about electric vehicle charging.

💶 Financing

We advise you on investment grants and subsidies for self-consumption and EV charging stations.

🚀 Commissioning

We take care of the complete connection and commissioning of the charging stations.

🔧 Maintenance

We are able to support you in the long term to maintain and optimise your now energy-efficient infrastructure.

Thomas Rech à Sirea

Thomas Rech

Sales Manager at Sirea

Having assisted numerous industrial sites and local authorities in their energy transition, Thomas is at your disposal to advise you on our solution.

Frequently asked questions

🔌 Is this energy manager compatible with my charging stations?

The SmartEMS is compatible with all charging stations that have the OCCP protocol.

🚗 How many charging points can this energy manager manage?

There is no limit in terms of managing charging points. The SmartEMS can manage a site equipped with a single charging point as well as 12 charging points. The ability of the SmartEMS to connect through communication buses to the modular charging stations gives the possibility to considerably extend the park of controllable charging stations.

☀️ Does this energy manager work if I already have solar panels?

Yes, if you already have photovoltaic panels, the SmartEMS can connect to your installation very simply and thus allow you to dynamically control the loads of your infrastructure according to your photovoltaic energy production.

💰 Can I sell my excess electricity with this energy manager?

Yes, the SmartEMS has been designed to allow users with a grid sale contract to be able to inject excess energy (which cannot be consumed directly, nor stored) into the electricity grid.

⚡ Can this energy manager operate without a connection to the electricity grid?

Yes, it is entirely possible to deploy the SmartEMS on an installation that is not connected to the electricity grid, in isolated sites or on poorly served sites.


Product datasheet

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