Software for the control and operation of industrial installations

Project study

We support you in the study and functional analysis of your project in order to identify the ideal software infrastructure for your new or existing installation.

Development and validation

We develop the solution according to the functionalities you wish to benefit from and we make it evolve on the base of the study carried out upstream, before final validation jointly, for a perfect integration on your installation.

Commissioning & formation

We carry out the commissioning of the solution on your installation and provide training for future users, whatever is their role in the operating process.


  • Free user licence
  • Evolutive and flexible solution
  • Compatible with industrials standards
  • Online and local supervision
  • Email alerts
  • Data security
  • Commissioning included
  • Developed in France

Database, users and profiles

  • Unlimited number of databases
  • Possible operations: saving, restoring, creating, deleting, purging
  • Profile settings: Acknowledgement, forcing, maintenance, adjustments, configuration

Exploitation and maintenance

  • Status view: running time, number of start/stop, maintenance threshold
  • Maintenance sheets for periodic or punctual maintenance
  • Maintenance logbook: declaration of anomalies with time and date stamp
  • Switching of the PLC inputs/outputs according to availability
  • Temporary deletion of faulty sensors and real-time diagnostic support
  • E-mail notification of defects reported, thresholds reached and configured alerts


Product datasheet

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