WFP Dolo Ado
Hybrid self-consumption system on isolated site in Ethiopia

The WPF (World Food Programme) is an UN dependant humanitarian organization. Its mission is to eliminate world hunger.

The WFP camp of Dolo Ado in Ethiopia called out Sirea to make the consumption of the site more ecological.

Based right by the refugee camp, the UN branch’s administrative camp is a living area consisting mainly of office and residential buildings. Until today, the site occupied by approximately 20 people used only generator produced energy.

The objective was to make a hybrid system using the solar resource and to limit the demand on the power generator.

A climatization offloading system has been installed to optimize the balancing and to control the power spikes of the camp.

This solar hybrid system coupled to a generator is composed of:

  • Photovoltaic field (1 axe tracker) with 21kWp
  • Power generator
  • Lithium + lead batteries (total 140kWh)
  • 4 hybrid inverters (total 30kVA)
  • Control and offloading system for the air conditioning

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