The energetically autonomous pastoral cabins

The Spanish Basque Country counts many pastoral cabins, mostly dating from the Neolithic period.

These buildings are always used as accommodation for the herdsmen. These men bring their animals up high in the mountains of the province Guipuscoa. Some of the cabins have been refurbished but they still don’t have electricity.

The European project Hy-Powerbox was started to allow these cabins to produce and consume their own energy, completely autonomously.

For this project, Sirea has designed different methods for using solar energy:

  • A photovoltaic trailer with 2,5kWp which consists of 8 solar panels.
  • Flexible solar tarpaulins with 2,5kWp and a length of 10m.
  • An electric cabinet which controls the electric flow in a smart way.

One of the main goals for this project was also to ensure the mobility for these installations. The tarpaulins are easily foldable and transportable.
The trailer can quickly be hooked and installed everywhere. Even the batteries, which allow the energy to be stored, are mounted to transportable racks.

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  1. Hisham Linjawi
    Hisham Linjawi
    16 October 2022 at 3 h 55 min

    i like to use for cooling building size 1000m3


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