Hybrid solar/diesel energy station in Burkina Faso

Partnering with TIERI-Burkina, Sirea developed a hybrid solar/diesel energy station for the project ELSA (Electricity for the Sahel). This project was led by the company iED.

This power plant’s mission is to optimize the electric generators operating regimes, to avoid overload and underload by injecting solar energy either directly or from the batteries into the network.

This solution also allows to optimize the use of solar energy by storing the excess energy in the phases of low consumption. By doing so, the fuel consumption can be lowered. Also, the maintenance can be optimized by adding controlled operating regimes to avoid running the generator in high temperatures.

Energy station integrated in a mobile, climatized, insulated container:

  • 62kWp Photovoltaic plant
  • 275kVa Generator
  • 260kWh batteries OPZv
  • 6x 10kW inverter
  • Control with monitoring

In an open and profitable dialogue, Sirea has been our suggestion source! Sirea’s expertise in automatism has been extremely helpful. They knew directly how to work with this complex system. To summarize Sirea in some words, I would say: availability, reactivity and professionality!

Grégoire Léna, project leading engineer

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