Self-consumption without resale thanks to energy management

Based in the Tarn (region in the south of France), the Marceau-Amalric company has specialised for 150 years in the design and maintenance of industrial systems.

Marceau-Amalric photovoltaic rooftop
Marceau-Amalric photovoltaic rooftop

After noting that a major restoration of the roof was necessary, and with an awareness of renewable energies, the director Mr. Amalric turned his attention to the issue of photovoltaic panels and self-consumption.

He submitted a dossier to a call for projects in his region, which he won, and then decided to entrust its installation to EDF EnR Solaire for the panels and installation part, and to Sirea for the piloting and intelligent management part. And this with a simple motivation: “We only produce what we use”. That is to say, he aimed for maximum use of his production. To achieve this, he needed the intelligent control system created by Sirea. It includes decision support software to help him adapt his electricity production.

It  initially allows a detailed analysis of consumption and production at the Marceau-Amalric factory, thanks to specialised transducers and inverters. Secondly, the manager controls the load and use of certain equipment at the sunniest times; in this case, air conditioning.

His system now works perfectly, but he still wants to improve his rate of self-consumption by gradually adapting the company’s operations (purchase of an electric gondola, electric vehicles or a recharging station).

Marceau-Amalric thus installed a 99kWp installation dedicated to resale and a second installation composed of :

  • A 99 kWp photovoltaic field laid on top of the other 99 kWp
  • 4 injection inverters, delivering a total of 100kVA (+ the same for the resale part)
  • A system for controlling and relieving the load on the air conditioners.
  • Measuring transducers placed on the consumer outlets,
  • A PLC acting as an energy manager connected to the inverters for measuring and modulating the photovoltaic production.
  • MicroSERVER software accessible from the internet for monitoring and surveillance of the installation.

Feedback by Laurent Amalric and Bruno Bouteille, 3 years after the deployment of the system, during the webinar organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Gard country on the theme of photovoltaics in industry (in french):

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