Saint-Philibert car park
Self-consummation parking with solar carport and car charging stations

The Saint-Philibert parking in the city of Lomme (Hauts-de-France) is equipped with a large solar carport with a surface of 200m² producing 40kWp.

The objective is to make available car charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles. These chargers are primarily powered by solar energy and coupled to batteries for storage, to limit the power draw from the city’s electric network.

Solar carport with electric vehicle charging stations in Lomme
Solar carport with electric vehicle charging stations in Lomme

The challenge is big: provide enough electric energy to the charging cars and use the ideal resource allocation.

The project consists of 3 parts containing 6 charging stations “G2 Mobility” allowing to charge 12 vehicles simultaneously. These chargers are connected to a management system in charge of allocating the power instructions arriving from Sirea’s smart manager (Smart EMS).

In the second part we find the intelligence which consists of the solar panels, Sirea’s ALR electric cabinet with the integrated batteries and the SmartEMS based on the MicroARM-A2 controller. On this controller, with the information received from the chargers and other instructions, the allocation calculations take place (e.g. the number of vehicles charging).

The third part is the electrical network which is administered by Enedis, partner for this project. If Enedis thinks that the installation shouldn’t put load on the electric network, for example in the case of big demands, they can send a command to the smart EMS. The manager then changes the power instructions for the chargers.

This installation consists of:

  • 200m² solar panels (40kWp)
  • ALR electric cabinet with:
    • Energy manager MicroARM-A2
    • Storage battery with 60kWh

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