Due to the Covid-19 health crisis, where France had to face the shortage of disinfectants, Solea, subsidiary of Sirea Group, is going to roll out its disinfection system in Europe. This system was developed in the context of water purification projects for Africa, in particular Madagascar for UNICEF.

This disinfection and decontamination system, called AURA (Antiseptic for Universal and Reliable Applications) allows the production of sodium hypochlorite by electrolysis from a simple solution of water and salt. It can produce 8 litres of the decontamination solution in less than 4 hours, either from solar energy or conventional power.

Autonomous AURA solar system by Solea
Autonomous AURA solar system by Solea

The system is designed to always ensure the minimum concentration for a universal antiseptic (5g/L or 0.5%) regardless of the installation site and the ingredients (water and salt) used, while integrating the set of industrial fabrication parameters.

Système AURA pour produire soi-même sa solution désinfectante

🎙️Passage sur Europe 1 dans l'émission "La France Bouge" pour Franck Bernage (Solea) qui présente le système AURA et ses atouts dans la lutte contre le Covid-19 !Pour en savoir plus : https://www.sireagroup.com/2020/04/24/penurie-gel-hydroalcoolique-aura-solea-alternative/

Publiée par Sirea sur Jeudi 7 mai 2020

AURA is shipped ready to use and allows the recipients to make their own disinfectant solution autonomously. Regardless if in a city’s hospital or in a small health centre in the rural area. They won’t depend on shipping from exterior and they can directly use it to disinfect surfaces or wash their hands by watering down the solution.

Franck Bernage, Director of Solea

Besides being compact and light (13kg), AURA is an innovative alternative. For one thing for environmental reasons, because powered by solar energy the system limits greenhouse gas emissions. For another thing, by local production, it allows to limit the impact caused by the procurement.
This system offers also a non-negligible waste reduction. When functioning on solar energy, the recycling problems are resolved by removing the battery. At the same time the use of plastic flasks and bottles is reduced.

In addition to being innovative and having a positive impact for society, this is a noticeable technological advance. The electronic circuit board was especially developed for this application and allows the system to be adapted to the use case.

Bruno Bouteille, President of Sirea Group

As reminder, AURA is going to be used with the disinfectant robot which is currently being developed with the companies from CleanTechBooster (Innowtech, Fadilec, Alfileo) and Sterixene.