Energy engineering office

For the past ten years, the Sirea energy consultancy, based in Castres in the county of Tarn (South of France), has been assisting companies and local authorities with their energy efficiency projects, mainly associated with renewable energy, particularly photovoltaic, but also hydroelectric and methanisation projects.

Thanks to our expertise in energy management and monitoring, and the cooperation between our various design offices, we can support you in ambitious projects that may also involve industrial automation, industrial electricity, electronics or mechanics.

The teams of the energy engineering office will assist you in carrying out controlled self-consumption photovoltaic projects, with or without storage, and can respond to the problems of hybrid electricity supply in isolated sites.

Our energy consultancy team is able to offer you the following services:

  • Energy audit and feasibility study
  • Functional and technical analysis
  • Integration of intelligent energy management systems
  • Connection of energy management solutions
  • Design of tailor-made energy efficiency solutions
  • Energy performance contracting and monitoring
  • Training and delegation of skills

Our energy engineering office worked on these projects