Production unit

Sirea is a company based in Castres in the county of Tarn (South of France) which designs and manufactures control systems for industry and the service sector. We have a production plant that enables us to industrialise the manufacture of numerous control boxes and electrical cabinets (also in white label) for our customers.

Thanks to our know-how in industrial automation and industrial electricity, and with the cooperation of our various design offices, we also produce tailor-made solutions involving industrial automation, energy efficiency and electronics.

Our technicians manufacture our industrialised products such as the MicroARM range of PLCs and our AEA and AEH range of self-consumption cabinets. They assemble, wire and test the customised products or mass-produced white-label products for our customers, from the control box to the electrical control cabinet.

Our production unit is able to manufacture the following systems:

  • Programmable industrial controller
  • IoT electronic box
  • Electrical cabinet
  • Self-consumption cabinet
  • Energy storage cabinet
  • Solar photovoltaic kit
  • Energy station

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