Conscious of issues and difficulties encountered in the health field, Sirea launch his new offer dedicated legionella’s prevention, now finacially affordable to all establishments !

A short brief on légionellosis

Legionellosis is a deadly disease induced by inhalation of Legionella bacterium which expands in water supply like whirlpools, jacuzzis, air-conditionning or cooling towers. It reaches mainly adults or risk factors relevant persons.

A full solution financially affordable

Active on the market since 2011, Sirea offers now a complete solution under hardware leasing on subscription, called HydroSMART. This offer include several transducers, a local backup system for datas, and a user interface to read these datas. In this way, this solution is perfectly accommodated to all establishments like hospital centers, but also retirement home, sports gym or hotels, looking for make smarter water temperature recordings to prevent legionella appearance.