“I am as I am: at work and outside, involved in what I do”, these are the words of Jean-Claude Huckert, speaking to the 35 employees of Sirea, on the occasion of his departure to retirement.

Our manager of industrial electrical work sites is retiring this Friday, June 28, after 25 years with his colleagues.

Jean-Claude Huckert
Jean-Claude Huckert

Entered into the company in 1994 following the acquisition of the electricity company SNB (Société Nouvelle Belot) by Bruno Bouteille, Jean-Claude Huckert invested a lot of work in all the local industrial basin. From SEPPIC and COMAU in Castres, to VOA and RAGT in Albi, but also Terreal then Nutrition & Santé in Revel, he oversees the major electrical projects in the region that have made the company famous (which will become Sirea Industrie in 2008).

Despite the major events the company has gone through (fire in 2015, the merger of Sirea and Sirea Industrie in 2017), Jean-Claude can now calmly transmit the torch to his right arm, Yannick Van Vooren, who arrived at Sirea in 2016, and who already has many years of experience in industrial electrical work sites.

All Sirea teams thank Jean-Claude for his dedication, professionalism and his long-standing involvement in the company, and wish him a pleasant and well-deserved retirement.