Lauched on Monday 17 September, the platform is now accessible to all.

This new free online service helps individuals and professionals who use a self-consumption photovoltaic system to improve their energy efficiency and to make better use of their own production of electricity.

Total expertise, from A to Z

Developed internally, this online platform combines our years of expertise in the energy sector with our knowledge of web technologies which are offered in a number of our solutions. This new site is simulates a photovoltaic system, enabling users to compare energy usage profiles and to estimate the ideal battery capacity to achieve optimum energy efficiency. No need to spend time on complex calculations in an attempt to work out how to spread out energy consumption to make self-consumption cost-effective : the algorithm designed by Sirea does the job based on simple data (power of the installation, annual consumption, etc.)!

Result of a simulation on the platform
Result of a simulation on the platform

“In just a few clicks, you fill in the fields to establish your energy usage profile and the system offers you the best solutions to spread out your energy consumption. It’s very affordable !”

Bruno Bouteille, CEO of Sirea

Time-saving for installers

This tool will enable many PV system installers to save time when calculating the size of their customers’ systems. An improved version of the platform is being prepared; professionals will be able to create quotes directly using the platform. Simulations created using the site can already be exported and shared, which will help professionals to save time when it comes to analysis work.