ESMER (École Supérieur des Métiers des Énergies Renouvelables or Graduate School of Renewable Energy) is developing and consolidating its research activities in Cotonou in Bénin.

At the end of the third session of the Scientific and Educational Council which took place at the end of August, Sirea reaffirmed its commitment to ESMER by signing a tripartite co-operation agreement between ESMER, Ansole (*) and SIREA with the aim of strengthening the research capacities of the new Laboratory of Innovative Processes for Sustainable Energy (Laboratoire de Procédés Innovants pour l’Énergie Durable or PIE in French).

Daniel Egbe (Ansole), Felix Ebo (ESMER) and Bruno Bouteille (Sirea), launch the collaboration
Daniel Egbe (Ansole), Felix Ebo (ESMER) and Bruno Bouteille (Sirea), launch the collaboration

For researchers, the development of the renewable energy sector on the African continent, particularly in Benin, must involve continued research work which takes into account the constraints and needs of local circumstances.

This is why Sirea, a company which is heavily invested in the development of this ambitious project which is unlike any other in Western Africa, has offered its support by offering to equip the PIE laboratory with equipment and software for inspecting, monitoring and managing energy. In this way, Sirea hopes to contribute to strengthening the research activities of the PIE laboratory within the energy sector, which are specific to African pressures and constraints.

*Ansole is an association which aims to boost renewable energy research, education and professional training, with a particular focus on Africa.