“Industry Week” in France aims to raise awareness among the general public, (particularly among young people) of the trades and the training available within the industrial sector. During the week-long event, Sirea took part in the showroom held in Castres on Wednesday 22nd March!

Sirea at the 2017 industry showroom in Castres
Sirea at the 2017 industry showroom in Castres

As one of the featured companies based in Castres, Sirea attended the event which was held in a 150m2 marquee in the Place Jean Jaurès. This Industry Day was an opportunity both for students and industry professionals to discover the most innovative companies in the Tarn region within the industrial sector.

To introduce the concept of industry 4.0, we wanted to showcase the future tools of technicians in charge of maintenance, which will create an increasingly efficient industrial sector. As an example, the use of touch pads on an electrical cabinet simulation helped to highlight the issues of augmented reality within the industrial sector.

A virtual tour of our company was also available with VR glasses which offered visitors a 360° immersive experience of the manufacturing process of Sirea products.

Sirea's office visit with VR
Sirea’s office visit with VR