As part of the public tender published by French organization of energy moderation (CRE), Sirea teamed up with Athémis Énergie and Ympact to offer to industries and high energy consumption building owners a complete self-consumption solution.

Energy transition is a major issue for our society and companies from industrial sector which costs related to energy self-consumption are elevated.

This self-consumption solution permit a company to consume directly his own energy production thanks to photovoltaics panels installation, to reduce costs related to energy consumption.

In this way, the Sirea-Ympact-Athémis Énergie consortium offers a full self-consumption solution, from rentability analysis to project achievement, including support, reporting, and complete application to CRE so you can take benefits of the public tender.

This offer is interesting for industrial companies and high energy consumption building wishing increase energy performance of their PV installation.