Sirea is launching MicroLADDER Community, a new community platform for MicroLADDER’s software users.

Now, Sirea’s PLC programmers can use a new and free community platform to hightlight and share their automation projects.

Share your project

Indeed, this new website will promote exchanges within PLC programmers community, by allowing them to share function blocs & PLC programs, tested and documented. All programmers, starters and professionals, can benefit from know-how and save more time in automation projects.

Efficient support

Thanks to a new discussion forum, each user can ask questions and help solve technical issues of other community members. It’s an exchange space with the guarantee of the most efficient technical support because of putting to contribution all of the Sirea’s PLC programmers.

Free update of our software

Community members can access to new and free updates of MicroLADDER with latest features and bug fixes that permit to program your Sirea’s PLC easily and efficiently.