The 2015 edition of the Jalabert cyclotourist ride took place successfully on August 23. A total of 307 cyclists crossed the finishing line in the Laurent circuit, of 115km, and 302 more cyclists arrived in the Nicolas circuit, of 75km. Sirea was represented in both circuits, and got a female podium in the Laurent!

Ana Monreal (Sirea Spain) on the podium of La Jalabert
Ana Monreal (Sirea Spain) on the podium of La Jalabert

A beautiful race where, despite the bad weather forecast, it permitted, and took as winners Sebastien Pillon (Laurent) and Alexandre Finos (Nicolas) in the male category, and Kiara Bisaro (Laurent) and Cassie Baldi (Nicolas) in the female category. Our colleague Ana, from Sirea Spain, got the third position in the Laurent circuit.

Congratulations to the organization and to the winners!