The French electric network maintenance by augmented reality

Today, the futuristic and entertaining augmented reality is no longer just a hobby. In fact, Enedis (formerly ERDF) has already got it.

Being able to add information into the reality and interact virtual is in big interest for the French electric network distributor. This is the reason why Enedis called Sirea to add the augmented reality solution OMERE (Outil de Management et d’Exploitation du Réseau Électrique / Electric network management and operation tool) to their activities.

Thanks to the connected mobile interface, OMERE becomes the essential digital assistant for the technician 3.0. It’s able to help, inform and reassure the technician during his maintenance or troubleshooting actions. The company iAR, division of Sirea Group, specialized in development of industrial applications confirms “the usage of OMERE is simple and intuitive: the technician arrives in front of the installation and looks through the camera of his mobile device. The system recognizes the installation and shows every information necessary.”

The application allows to filter and show the technical information according to the type of intervention and to the user. OMERE also combines the diagnostic tools, like the ability to contact a distant expert to start a technical assistance session with the help of augmented reality.

Additional to their great reactivity and great availability, the collaboration with Sirea was very constructive!

Marie-France Lallis, assistant head of agency

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