Industrial engineering

Industrial engineering and industry solutions

Industrial engineering is the first line of activity developed by Sirea Industrie. Nowadays, it is an activity which holds an important place in our everyday life. Sirea has all necessary skills for the project management and is devoted to suggest the best technology solutions, from design and technical studies, to commissioning of industrial plants. Our objective is to optimize the global performances of your company. Sirea is involved on 5 fields :

Since always, we aim to bring to the customers the most performance technical solutions associated to a high quality of realization, positioning Sirea as an expert in industrial engineering.


Industrial electricity

Sirea conceives and installs innovative solutions in term of electricity for the professionals. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in industrial engineering, we are able to propose automation solutions of your equipment, as well as control and a monitoring of your electrical installations adapted to your structure.

Sirea deals with each project, from the study to the installation of the equipment, and also ensures maintenance.

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Energy monitoring

The objective of Sirea is to suggest a range of solutions for the energy production. The level of energy consumption vary greatly and depends on many factors such as the nature of the activities or the company size. This is the reason why our experts in industrial engineering are devoted to provide a reliable power supply coming from conventional or renewable energies and adapted to your activity.

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Mining management

Another part of the industrial engineering team of Sirea is specialized in the mining and quarry management. For that, we establish automation solutions for the mining industry, thanks to monitoring and control software like MicroVIEW Carriere. All our equipment is designed in a robust way, and are perfectly adapted to the activities of quarries/mines.

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Lightning protection

Sirea proposes a complete technical analysis for the installation of over-voltage protection and/or lightning conductor. In order to be able to meet the needs for the industrialists, Sirea obtained Qualifoudre certification of complex level for ICPE sites ; this label is attributed since 2004 to the manufacturers,project offices, to electrical professionals and inspectors of protection installations.

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