Energy monitoring and stand-alone power supply

Since its creation, Sirea has strongly entered the energy monitoring field with the development of an advanced range of management systems with to achieve at self-consuming energy.

All equipment developed by Sirea is designed to reliably supply energy from different energy sources, both conventional and renewable.

These systems are typically used for applications outside the network or in cases where the electricity supply is unreliable or too expensive.

The objective 20-20-20

To try to fight climate change, one of the major current concerns of society, the European Union has adopted a series of ambitious objectives for the energy management, of compliance by 2020. These objectives are the following:



Part of renewable energy in the european energetic mix


Reduction of CO2 emissions of European countries compared at 1990


Growth of energetic efficiency

Average power consumption

Small industry and the tertiary sector

In the case of companies, energy consumption levels vary widely and depend on numerous factors such as the nature of their activities or the size of the company.

However, consumption curves that can be found during the day are very different from what can be seen in the case of private homes. Indeed, consumption is generally constant throughout the day, in line with the working hours.

The European type home

The average daily consumption of a European home is between 16 and 18kWh. This consumption is not constant in the day. As a result of the different everyday uses, the existence of consumption peaks in the morning and afternoon / evening (dinner) have been confirmed, and often a third peak can be found at noon.


Home conditioning (heating / cooling)


Different appliances


Production of hot water



The answer: the «Smart Grids»

To cope with the changes which are taking place in the power context, it is necessary to modernize the current system. This is starting to being developed through the deployment of what it’s called “Smart Grids”.

Smart Grids are based primarily on a system of power generation composed by many small sources of generation and in a bidirectional way, installed near the consumption, which is known as distributed or decentralized generation, in cooperation with conventional plants. This distribution makes power generating more balanced, in such a way that the system does not depend so much on large plants.

Smart Grids also integrate new information and communication technologies in the management of networks, what allows to take into account actions of the different players in the electric system, while ensuring the electricity supply and economically optimizing it.

The solution: Sirea energy management equipment

A brief overview

Systems designed by Sirea favor the self-production and self-consumption of renewable energy, in order to minimize the use of conventional energy. They allow to limit the need to strengthen the capacity of power grids at peak periods or strong consumption. They control and organize the electrical loads hierarchically. Similarly, they sensitize consumers on optimizing the use of energy.

The excess energy is stored in batteries, which can be of different technologies depending on the use. The use of batteries allows as well the energy supplier or to the network manager to better manage the network in the case of having a centralized intelligent management (Smart Grid). These systems, by Sirea, allow to improve energy monitoring.


Fonctionnement de la solution énergie

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