Programming software, monitoring and control software (SCADA)

In addition to its own custom-made electronic products for automation and electricity purposes, Sirea has additionally developed the whole necessary software infrastructure for programming, control and monitoring of systems. This provides an important added value to the automation products, as it confirms the mastery of Sirea along the whole process, from the parameter metering to the analysis tools.

This global knowledge on the technology provides Sirea the capability to quickly react to the needs of customers and answer in detail to any requirement or doubts about our software programming. Besides, a FAQs section is available to users in order to provide you the best support.

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Sirea's software

Programming software and programming tool kit


MicroLADDER is a multi-languages programming software IEC1131 of PLCs:

  • Ladder language, popular with automation engineers, easy to understand by the industry players
  • C language, popular with the computing community.

MicroLADDER includes numerous functions: cross-references, import and export of variables and programmes, dynamic visualization of curves and program variables, design and monitoring of applications, built-in functions… It integrates as well user functional boxes. Both the software MicroLADDER, which is of free licence, and the standard library can be downloaded.

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SuiviPV ensures a reliable operation of the installations, optimizes the efficiency and guarantees the solar plant production.

Based on the continual comparison of the real solar production compared to the theoretical best production, SuiviPV identifies any possible operating faults and improves the cleaning and maintenance operation.

SuiviPV innovation is in the continual comparison between the real and the theoretical production data using highly sensitive sensors linked to an extensive computing algorithm.

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MicroCONTROL is an exploitation software that allows the operators easily connect to any range of Sirea PLCs, as well as visualizing, force, set parameters or download data to other equipment., curves’ visualization, data export in table form, display and export of the datalog, etc.

It is adapted to operators (parameter setting, value adjustment…) and maintenance agents (visualization of system data, loading of programs…). Users can fully exploit applications’ data with no option of visualizing or modifying the programs.

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Monitoring and control software (SCADA)

MicroVIEW and MicroSERVER are two solutions defined for the complete monitoring of systems and equipments. Both of them include the similar range of functionalities, however, depending on the type of project, it could be more suitable to use either one or the other solution.

Both monitoring software include a wide number of functionalities that enable the local or remote control of technical installations (sensors networks, centralized technical management) in order to provide specifically-thought out answers to all types of supervision and teleprocessing needs (technical installations or instrumented systems).

They are not limited neither in the number of variables, nor in the number of synoptic views and they both integrate their own development tool.

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MicroSERVER is the monitoring solution developed and adapted to remote control applications with web technology. Its intuitive and simple configuration provides the user a flexible and complete tool with ease of configuration and operation. It allows to create both light architectures and more evolved applications, using a big amount of connected objects.

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MicroVIEW is the monitoring solution developed and adapted to the development of management and production applications for industrial processes. It allows the implementation of multi-station architectures of type client-server for a greater flexibility and security.

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