WeTrott’, autonomous charging stations for electric scooters

Project presentation

To solve the problem of the dispersion of electric scooters in large urban centers, the startup All-rom Versailles has created “WeTrott'”: an eco-friendly charging station that empowers the user.

This station automatically delivers for each of the 15 scooters, a helmet, a safety vest, a reflective backpack, as well as a double insurance in civil responsibility and bodily injury while protecting the scooters of vandalism.

The WeTrott’ station was designed to be installed without ground anchoring. Only a power supply is needed.
That is why WeTrott’ asked Sirea for a lithium battery power supply: to get rid of the connection work to the power particularly expensive, even binding in some cases, so the autonomous charging station is a nice alternative to the classic solutions that are quickly expanding in our cities. Thus, the electric scooters are automatically recharged as soon as they are brought back to the station, and the mobility of the latter makes it possible to offer the service to users anywhere (large squares, near tourist sites) and anytime (events, peak periods, etc.)

The other interesting part of the concept lies in the remote monitoring of the system: the energy level available to the station is communicated in real time on the monitoring interface of the startup so that it can quickly interchange the batteries discharged by full batteries.

The intervention of Sirea in the operation of the charging station is simple: allow the supply of scooters from lithium batteries, and collect the data related to the charging and discharging of the batteries so that the startup can exploit them in its tool of supervision of charging stations. The use of our latest controller, the MicroARM-A13, which is smaller than a mobile phone, can meet all the needs of the startup, in an ultra-compact and powerful format. The connection and programming of the PLC have also been done by Sirea to be able to integrate the power system in a very short time.

Project pictures

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