Onboard screens on improved buggies

Project presentation

Instantly relive the action: now you can with Reeplay buggies. From rugby players to surfers, athletes can now analyse everything from the slightest movement to the smallest adjustment to their technique, just a few seconds after their performance.

It’s a very impressive solution, developed by Emmanuel Guillot, director of the company Reeplay, and consists of golf buggies with an onboard camera and an onboard screen. This innovative solution is a turnkey tool which enables coaches and players to see all the action filmed by a camera on a 46” screen at the back of the buggy.

Reeplay called on Sirea to collaborate, by managing the power supply and battery life of the screens. Sirea was therefore responsible for installing and wiring the batteries to ensure up to 8 hours’ battery life for the system. Reeplay’s standard buggy models have 2 lithium-ion batteries to ensure enough battery life for one, two or three training sessions.

Through this collaboration, Reeplay and Sirea have worked closely together on new systems which aim to be 100% self-sufficient by means of additional solar panels.

The people with whom I work at Sirea are very professional and always available!

Emmanuel Guillot

Project pictures

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