OMERE, maintenance of the French electricity grid by augmented reality

Project presentation

Augmented reality, with its fun, futuristic feel, no longer exists solely for entertainment purposes – as Enedis (formerly ERDF) is well aware! Being able to add information to reality and to interact virtually with it is something in which the French electricity distribution network operator is particularly interested. That’s why Enedis has turned to Sirea to apply its augmented reality solution OMERE (Electrical Network Management and Operation Tool) to its business.

Thanks to its smart mobile interface, OMERE is an essential digital assistant for technicians 3.0. It helps, advises and secures interventions during maintenance or troubleshooting. The company iAR, a division of the Sirea group which specialises in the development of industrial applications: “the use of OMERE is simple and intuitive: the technician reaches the facility and looks through his/her tablet’s camera. The system automatically recognises the facility and displays all associated data.” The application offers filtered technical data to be displayed for equipment, according to the kind of intervention and the user. OMERE also combines diagnostic tools, such as remote contact with experts for technical assistance with the help of augmented reality.

The collaboration with Sirea was very constructive - they were very reactive and always available!

Marie-France Lallis
Marie-France Lallis
Head of agency assistant

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