An off-grid farmhouse becomes energy self-sufficient

Project presentation

In an isolated mountain area of the Llo region, at an altitude of 1450m, this farmhouse in the gorges of the Sègre is a heavenly place for anyone who loves the mountains.

Benefitting from the humidity of the gorges, this off-grid house initially had access to electricity via a hydraulic turbine. Unfortunately, this could not be used over winter (because of frost and a lack of output), so electricity was supplied by means of a power generator to compensate.

With the aim of continuous green energy production and hoping to make the farmhouse energy self-sufficient, our client came to Sirea to create this photovoltaic system with a self-use system.
The details of this energy self-use system are below:

  • A 4 kW photovoltaic panel
  • A power generator
  • Batteries for a total of 28.8 kWh
  • 4kW in total, made up of two 2kW PV – 48VDC invertors and one 4kW 48VDC – 230VAC inverter

A company which is truly competent in its field of expertise, reliable and trustworthy!

Gilles Flamant
Gilles Flamant
Directeur du laboratoire PROMES au CNRS

Project pictures

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