Increasing the reliability of the power supply of an isolated site for self-consumption in Lacrouzette, Tarn

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In isolated areas, connections to the electricity grid are not subject to the same constraints as in urban areas. This is the case of this dwelling in the forest, near the village of Lacrouzette, in Tarn, whose power supply was coming, until now, from an overhead power line.

Mr. Beziat’s single-phase electrical installation suffered a lot of voltage drop, and household appliances were seriously degraded in the short term.

In collaboration with the Tarn Energies Departmental Union (SDET), Sirea has succeeded in deploying another innovative solution dedicated to off-grid power supply, by coupling a self-consumption system and a grid connected charger.

On the one hand, the self-consumption system consists of a photovoltaic system and an electrical cabinet on the basis of our AEH cabinet, however, the specificities of the projects required a tailor-made dimensioning: the storage of energy can reach 20 kWh and the power delivered by the cabinet in single phase can go up to 15 kW.

On the other hand, the resale of electricity contract to Mr. Beziat’s supplier enables him to inject the surplus of energy he has produced via his photovoltaic panels into the electricity grid. However, the electrical connection of his house required a raising of the voltage at the start of the line to be able to inject the energy.

To find the point of equilibrium and make the solar installation, its energy storage and the electrical grid work together, the control system of the electrical cabinet uses sophisticated calculation algorithms specially designed to isolated sites. Indeed, the system is capable of managing the load shedding according to the power consumed and the state of charge of the batteries, the use of the electricity grid being considerably reduced.

Household of the client

Household of the client

Thus, the energy efficiency of the site is greatly improved by the self-consumption system, and the stability of the voltage within the home promotes the extension of the life of the appliances. What guarantee a sustainable power supply for this happy customer.

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