Hybrid self-supply system on an isolated site in Ethiopia

Project presentation

The World Food Program (WFP) is a UN-dependent humanitarian organisation whose mission is to eradicate world hunger. The WFP camp based in Dollo Ado in Ethiopia called on Sirea to make the site’s energy use more environmentally friendly.

Based near the refugee camps, the administrative camp of the UN branch is an area consisting mainly of offices and accommodation. Until recently, the whole site, occupied by about 20 people, used electric power exclusively produced by a power generator. 
The aim was to create a hybrid supply system using solar power to create a reduced demand for the generator. 
An air-conditioning easing system was set up to optimise the balance and management of the camp’s electrical power peaks.

This hybrid solar system combined with the generator is composed of:

  • A 21 kWp photovoltaic system (tracker on 1 axis)
  • A power generator
  • Lithium + lead batteries, for a total of 140kWh
  • 4 hybrid inverters, delivering 30kVA overall
  • A system for controlling and easing the energy use of air conditioners

Project pictures

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