Microcontrollers and PLCs

Programmable Logic Controlers

Sirea designs and manufactures its own custom-made electronic products for automation and proposes complete and modular solutions perfectly adapted to the demands of your business. Among the different product portfolio of Sirea, a wide range of Programmable Logic Controller (PLCs) is offered, as well as the possibility to design and adapt the customized needs to ad-hoc developed PLCs.

The Sirea PLC programming software, MicroLADDER is of free license and can be downloaded. In addition, a function library is available to help you during your programming experience with further functionalities. If you are interested in our products, do not hesitate to contact us or to visit our virtual shop Solea.

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Sirea PLCs

Terminal version PLCs



    • Many integrated interfaces (I / O, communication)
    • 7” color touch screen
    • VNC function integrated for visualization and remote control
    • High computing capacity
    • Equipped with an SD card reader
View MicroARM-A2


  • ARM7 Cortex microcontroller and 5-key keyboard connection
  • Economical color screen
  • Ease of integration and Legrand Mosaic housing compatible, din 6 format
View MicroARM-A8

Cabinet version PLCs



    • Compact solution with 7 digital outputs including 4 configurable into digital or analog
    • It can meet many configurations, thanks to its numerous inputs/outputs
    • It benefits of both high performance and a small size
View MicroARM-A4


  • PLCs with 7 configurable logic outputs or analog.
  • Allows you to answer many configurations, thanks to a large inputs / outputs number.
  • Extensive communication features (WiFi).
View MicroARM-A4+

Outdoor version PLCs



  • ARM Cortex microcontroller
  • 4.3” touch screen
  • Analog or digital sensors with “sleep” mode for low consumption
  • High computing capacity
View MicroARM-A9

Additional services


Sirea puts its expert team at your service for the development of projects where the is a need of programming that may require its contribution. This service is offered for both self-developed products and third party products.


Sirea puts its expertise at your service to provide you all the knowledge necessary for the control and implementation of its products and its PLCs.

Technical assistance

Sirea puts its experience and knowledge on the automation and industrial electricity sector to provide you technical assistance regarding all kind of difficulties you may have. Do not hesitate and contact us.

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