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Sirea designs and manufactures its own custom-made electronic products for communication and supervision (communication gateway and remote management) perfectly adapted to the demands of your business.

Sirea offers competitive communication gateway and supervision solutions, based on the development of systems for remote control and remote management via the Internet. These solutions use different types of data and transmitting through wireless (WiFi, GPRS / GSM, radio ….) to a server station. These devices allow a better exploitation of resources, more economical technical management, better quality of service and better working conditions.

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The PicoFOX module has been conceived to remote control applications and / or logic, analog or digital data acquisition. It is suitable for all types of projects (metering, remote management, remote control…) and it is available in Ethernet or GSM 2G/3G models.

The PicoFOX can be easily installed and is directly connected to the network equipment over IP or RS232/485 serial link. It is compatible with all range of Sirea controllers and products, but also with any third party equipment communicating by Modbus-rtu and Modbus-TCP.

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