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In Sirea, we like to offer a complete programming environment so that you can have the greatest flexibility in your developments. For that reason we are glad to give you the opportunity to do the monitoring with our MicroSERVER tool for free, getting your own space in the cloud just by acquiring one of our PLCs. This will provide you a whole monitoring environment with the possibility to control in real time all the variables included in your application, as well as report alarms, log data… and carry out all the possible actions available in MicroSERVER. We are not offering a MicroSERVER demo, but the whole capability of the monitoring software.

If you are interested to know more about the different things that you can do with MicroSERVER, just click below to download the MicroSERVER user guide, or have a look at the FAQs where you may find an answer for your main questions.

User manual

Sirea starting kit

Sirea Starting Kit

If you are new in the PLC programming and you are willing to get introduced into this technology, maybe the Sirea starting kit will be what you need. In Sirea we are aware of the difficulties that new PLC programmers encounter, as we are constantly in contact with students of different universities with which we collaborate, as well as companies that ask us for training sessions. That is the reason why we are currently preparing a Sirea starting kit where you will find a complete and simple hardware solution including a PLC and a set of additional tools, as well as a simple starter user guide with application exemples. And now, if acquiring your starting kit, you will have to opportunity to get your monitoring system on the Cloud.

We will publish a notice on the social networks to warn you when we have the kit available for purchase. However, if you want additional information or you already want to book you Sirea starting kit to be one of the first to have it, contact us through

WATA: your system for the monitoring of sewage networks

WATA is a complete solution that allows to permanently monitor sewage networks with autonomous sensors. Different means of communication (radio, GSM / GPRS, satellite) are available to carry out the data collection. WATA allows the establishment of the necessary important instrumentation for different approaches :

  • The regulatory requirements for self-monitoring of sewage networks
  • The permanent diagnosis
  • The integrated management of sewage networks, monitoring of sensitive areas (obstruction, weirs, overflows …), monitoring of the effectiveness of interventions,identification of needs (process improvement)
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The Sirea complete solution for legionella control

Sirea has developed a global solution, networked and economic, dedicated to monitoring and temperature traceability on hot sanitary water systems. The solution consists of temperature sensors, that ensure the measurement and transmission of data via wireless connection.

These data are recorded on a computer workstation for remote operation. This solution has as an objective the generation of a logbook, automated, secure and accurate, directly exploitable by the user.

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