Mining management and automation for the mining industry, MicroVIEW Carriere.

Sirea deploys complete and original electro-mechanic services for the mining industry from its own products (internal development) and also partly due to its close cooperation with manufacturing partners. Our solutions are designed to work according to an industrial logic of high reliability. That is why, all equipment that we integrate in our proposals are selected to be particularly robust and tailored to the specific environment of mining management. Our offers are defined to meet the following criteria :

  • Scalability and functional guarantee
  • Reliability and robustness
  • Durability and interchangeability of components

Among the main advantages of the Sirea offer the following should be mentioned: improved use of data, improved technical management, better service guarantee, maximum security, optimization of operating costs.


Automation to improve mining management

Services and technical studies

Study, installation, maintenance and training. A global offer is proposed by Sirea aiming at supporting you throughout the execution, exploitation of installations and mining management.

Complete automation unit

Sirea designs and manufactures complete systems of mining management, from electrification to automation, tailored to the business requirements of the mineral industries (mining and quarrying), building materials industries (brick, tile, cement manufacture) and sectors for sorting and storage the waste.

Supervision and exploitation

Sirea offers an innovative solution, open and communicative covering most of the needs of operators and quarry managers : MicroVIEW Carriere. A supervision dedicated to business and mining management.

MicroVIEW Carriere

MicroVIEW Carriere is the specific software solution developed by Sirea. A software solution for the drive, operation, monitoring, optimization, and overall mining management that allows the operator to :

  • Better manage and control its continuous manufacturing process
  • Better monitor and control the system optimum operating parameters
  • Save and store all manufacturing data to help the operator optimize the operation of the plant
MicroVIEW brochure (FR)

Main features

Screen management

They allow to visualize the system status through animated synoptics showing the general operation and details of equipment, to control the system in different operating modes, display of alarms and visualization of maintenance work.

Safety and alarms

Periodic monitoring of emergency stops, the possibility to neutralize the account for safety bodies, consultation of alarm log, aknowledge of alarms depending on the right assigned to operators.

Support to maintenance

Visualization of the equipment operation status on synoptics by using a colour code previously defined (red, green, yellow), consultation of events log and present alarms, access to diagnosis sheets and intervention procedures.


Curves visualization, performance indicators and production counters (kWh, quantities, flows, etc.) generation of production reports in the defined periods, analysis of operating and off-line times of equipment.

Complementary modules

Restriction management, operation surveillance through the Internet, message diffusion via emails ou SMS, telemaintenance, mobile surveillance displays.

Open and adaptable solution

MicroVIEW Carriere is autonomous, open, configurable and adaptable to all type of systems, compatible with main PLC manufacturers of the market (Siemens, Schneider, etc.), it directly uses the process information and makes the data available to operators by exchange of standard computer files.

Some references

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