Company Structure

The company structure has been conceived according to our two main core activities: Industry and Products


This first line of activity is developed by Sirea Industry, where four main cores can be found :


Services to industry

Specific projects for industry including process automation, distribution of electric power and maintenance.

Optimization and power generation

Surveillance, remote monitoring and optimization of energy; development, manufacture and construction of plants for the supply of electric power in remote locations or on-grid.

Mining industry

Specific activity for the complete process monitoring and automation of mining for aggregates.

Lightning protection

Complete systems for lightning protection. Initial and periodic audits.



products photo

This second line of activity specifically considers the different product designed and conceived by Sirea. All of these products have been created to guarantee the best performance at the best cost.

PLCs and controllers

A wide range of PLCs is offered as well as services associated such as programming, technical assistance and formation; specific controllers have been designed and optimized for different fields.

Sensors and communication gateways

DC and AC transducers, ultrasonic sensors and different communication gateways (radio, GPRS, …), etc.


Advanced programming software (MicroLADDER) as well as supervision and monitoring software (MicroSERVER and MicroVIEW).